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Workforce Management and Scheduling

IPLAN 2Work, the software which adapts to the needs of the business.


The main feature of IPLAN 2Work is planning (IPLAN). Schedule the employment and the absences of the workforce for as long as you want. Analyze the results and then decide.

Monitoring of employment

Each work is checked for the respect of the business operational rules. Each rule of normal operation can check the availability of the employees for work, compliance of working hours, daily rest, number of weekly days off etc.

Windows & Web Client Module

Comprehensive Information

With our help, customize IPLAN 2Work in your own logic and working methods in order to integrate it into your daily involvement with the workforce. The personalized data display, the abundance of presentations which you will create satisfy the daily work flow.

  • Safety & Authorization Module

    The application’s interface is completely personalized and has rules and security levels. It covers complex security scenarios in order to control access to information. Supports rules of complex password and direct information to the administrator for changes of the password.

  • Business Analysis Module

    The software has data analysis visualizations through pivot tables, charts, indicators of development and control panels. Every aspect is individualized fully, with the data and/or its portrayal, in order to be exported for further use.

  • Business Logic Module

    The IPLAN 2Work is ready to accept new items or new features to existing objects to extend its logic. We are not refering to import/export of data but to functions that creates objects or/and qualities in the IPLAN 2Work database which then participate in the aspects and are integrated into the logic of the software.


Business Automation Module

Based on Windows Workflow Foundation Framework (WF) of Microsoft, creation and workflow management tools are provided in order to the extension of the logic and the automation of functions.

Notifications & Reports Modules

Windows and Web Client

It’s provided the possibility of access to IPLAN 2Work through Windows Client or through browser (Web Client). Each client undertakes the visualization of data and the communication with the database (Client-Server). The Web Client includes the majority of the functions of the Windows Client and mainly doesn’t include functions which are either not supported by technology or are omitted for the sake of smooth flow. The basic composition (configuration) of IPLAN 2Work requires at least one Windows Client.

Toolkit Modules

The "IPLAN 2Work Model Shaper" is included in each Windows Client and undertakes the personalization of the interface of users but also the management and/or expansion of the logic of IPLAN 2Work functions. Through Shaper Model is given access to the modules used by the IPLAN 2Work, so you can customize them to your needs and add additional languages.

The extraversion of IPLAN 2Work is ensured through tools which are available and accessible at any time from the user. Some of them are:

  • Excel Import Tool:

    Import of data from Microsoft Excel file and update of any object of IPLAN 2Work, with the possibility of matching qualities (mapping).

  • I/O Xml Tool:

    The user can import-export data to / from xml file of particular structure. The data which are involved in the process are linked to the rights of the user and can also be determined by other criteria.

Extra Modules

IPlan Goal

The software IPLAN 2 Work fulfills the following:

  • record of the shifts of the staff of a company
  • faster access to information
  • better representation of information
  • analyze information and exploitation of results
  • expansion of functions
  • interactive communication with external data or other softwares
  • selection of employee based to criteria
    (conditions of the employment contract, skills)
  • division of working hours in night shifts and holidays
  • cost accounting of work per cost center and company
  • validation of shifts through rules
    (rest time, absence, overtime work etc.)

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